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Barry Bratt

Lt Colonel

Colorado State Patrol

As a Board member, I am here to coordinate support for active members during their time of need. Your Charitable Foundation provides assistance to active members in the event of a line of duty death, family emergency, medical issues, natural disasters, and providing scholarships to our children and grandchildren. We are relatively young in the non-profit world and have increased operationally the last few years; last year alone we provided over $50,000 in financial assistance to our active FBINAA members and their families across the United States.

If you or a an active fellow FBINAA member are in need of assistance, we urge you to contact us so we can confidentially and expeditiously assess the request. In most cases, the Board approved financial assistance is prepared for delivery within 72 hours. Please remember, every request for assistance is kept totally confidential.

Please reach out to me if I can help or if you would like to participate in our member outreach ~ we are in need of Ambassador's and those who would like to contribute financially. Your Charitable Foundation exists because we have a family member in need of financial assistance

THANK YOU for your support!

We are the heart and helping hands of your Foundation.

The FBINAA Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (Federal Tax ID 27-3317834). Your donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by IRS rules and regulations.

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