Request Assistance

The Foundation exists because we have members in financial need.

Providing for You and Your Family

If you or one of your colleagues is in need of assistance, and you/they are an active member of the FBINAA, please reach out to your Chapter Officers or contact your Section representative on the Foundation Board.

Whether it is a family emergency, health crisis, or natural disaster; YOUR Foundation is ready to assist you in the time of need.

Additionally, college scholarships are offered for application each March and available for your child or grandchild, if selected. Refer to the College Scholarship tab at the top of this page for more information.


The Board of Directors is comprised of a Director for each of the four sections of the Association. Please select your home section below and contact the Director for that section. You may also reach out to your home chapter for help with requesting assistance/information of the Foundation.

Section 1 Map

Section 2 Map

Section 4 Map

Section 3 Map